2020 Midwest Hottenstein Reunion Scheduled for Sunday, August 16

The 86th Midwest Hottenstein Reunion will be held on August 16, 2020 at Hickory Hill Park Shelter in Potosi, Wisconsin starting at noon.

For more information, please download this postcard .

Be mindful of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Your family's attendance and sharing of food is your own decision.

Respectfully, if you are not comfortable attending, we will see your on August 15, 2021.

2020 Pennsylvania Hottenstein Reunion, CANCELED

With an abundance of caution and consistent with national and state practices for protection in the public health crisis associated with the coronavirus, the Pennsylvania Hottenstein Reunion scheduled for June 20, 2020, in Kutztown, Pennsylvania, is canceled.

Your Leadership Group for the Pennsylvania Hottenstein Reunion, in their concerns for the well-being of everyone, believed that there were just too many known and unknown factors and concerns that could prevail at the Reunion time to proceed with the Reunion.

We now look forward to the next Pennsylvania Hottenstein Reunion, which will be next year. The date is June 13, 2021, the second Sunday in June 2021.

For family information, please refer to the 2020 Hottenstein Reunion newsletter , “The Hottenstein Lines”, on this website. This newsletter provides updating Hottenstein family news, the report on the 2019 Reunion, the report on the Hottenstein Homestead, the Historian’s Report and information on making inquiries about and providing family information.

The Mid-West Hottenstein Reunion, in Potosi, Wisconsin, is scheduled for August 16, 2020. The report on the Mid-West Reunion, and contact information about this Reunion scheduling, is included in the 2020 Hottenstein Reunion Newsletter.

Should additional information be needed, please contact Terry Schnure, via email, at taschnure(at)aol.com.